Want to learn how to share with people how to get free cell plans and free electricity?  Learn how to earn a small piece of each bill people for for the services they use every day !

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It’s Happening in your backyard !

Gold…. everyone is talking about it…  people are going to the extreme to make money with it.  What a lot of people don’t now is there are other ways to make money from natural resources.  Water, coal, oil and natural gas are creating massive income opportunities for average people.  Its your chance to take a look at something that will only happen once in your lifetime.  Right NOW !

Your very own backyard and your neighbors backyards are now worth money and you don’t even have to dig them up.  As a matter of fact you don’t even have to do manual labor.  What if simply by showing some people a website you could make hundreds or even thousands of dollars?  Would you show people that site?  What if they could save more money in 5 minutes one time than they could shopping for cheaper gas 52 times a year?  What if they could save more money in those 5 minutes than they could finding gas $.04 a gallon cheaper each week x 52 weeks?   Savings may vary and so will the income earning potential.  That said…  average people have found a way to add an extra income part time to their budget…more and more people are quitting their normal jobs because their part time businesses are now replacing their full time incomes.  How much do you need to earn?  Want to earn?  Dream to earn?  Its possible… its all possible.

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Expansion is going to be the Normal thing from this point on

Ambit Energy just packed 8000 consultants into their 5th Annual Convention, Ambition 2011. Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless (the co-founders of one of the fastest growing companies in history, set to eclipse the Google record to one billion dollars ….faster than Google, Microsoft, IBM and every other company) 2 leaders who have proven that they are more than capable of handling the pressure of a competitive market, rising energy costs and an economic downturn that has crippled expansion from most companies. Ambit is far from normal. They have pushed to another level yet again, announcing yet another state for business. Welcome New Jersey, join New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois and Texas. 6 states and they have reached incredible growth numbers, and here is the scary part, THEY ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! This company has pushed into Residential Electricity and in a couple states Natural Gas. Now the big announcement comes… they announce that they are moving into a 15-20 year agreement with the largest energy provider in the world and that they have been told they need to expand even more. So what do they do? They open commercial accounts in all existing and new territories. Subways, wedding shoppes, bakeries, offices, small stores and pizza shops are now fair game for their consultants to collect residual incomes from. The business plan (if you have been under a rock in the last few months) is based on customers and helping them save. Imagine helping customers save on their energy, something we each use EVERY single day and pay EVERY single month (I have tried it the other way, that doesn’t work well). The best part, Ambit offers it’s customers an opportunity to qualify for free energy (electricity and natural gas both) and their consultants get paid for this? Yes folks, they get paid for helping people save or get it free. Not once, not twice but 3 different ways. Imagine helping someone lower a bill and getting paid every single month for life for doing it.
In this economy, more and more people are looking for an opportunity to add to their income. This is a viable option, it allows you to work part time, it allows you to build a residual income over time while collecting bonuses quickly. It allows you to be a part of a huge energy market and capitalize on the deregulation. You do not need a college degree, multiple years experience in the field and the best part, you don’t have to be a salesman. There are a few things you will need to do this business, a pulse (you must be able to fog a mirror), a small investment (after all, if you were going to open a Subway you would pay 175K to start and would not see profit for the first 5 years) Just a note, this is a whole lot less and you will most likely get paid the first couple of weeks in the business. One other thing is required, your time, the more you can put into it in the beginning, the bigger your business will get. This is an at home business and it has incredible growth potential. 7 figure potential. Most people do not allow themselves to dream this big, folks this is that big! It is something that truly can change your life, your families life. It can provide you with a couple hundred a month or thousands per month.
In closing, you are going to see Ambit expanding into new territories in the next 6 months. You are going to see see teams of leaders assembling people and training them to get their piece of this pie. You are going to meet someone who is doing this and wants you to take a look at it, DO IT, what is the worst that can happen? You look and say no it’s not for me, I can’t be trained or don’t work well with new people, the best one, I don’t have time. You don’t have time yet you sit on your sofa and try to re-vote on American Idol. Get off the sofa and call the person who offered you this opportunity, NOW, worst case you become a customer and get some nice perks. Best case you write me in 12 months and thank me for pushing you to get started!!

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It’s yours for the taking….TAKE IT

Energy Deregulation is something that will happen in all 50 states and even Canada and Europe. Your Energy company is asking you to pick another provider. The government is telling them that they have to choose what portion of the billing they want to keep. They have chosen the most profitable portion of the bill…and they should. This has left the generation portion of your energy bill up for grabs. There are several companies vying for your business. Some will offer teaser rates (1 month or 2 month low rates). Some will offer solid rates and some will try to hide some things. We offer the BEST all around package. We offer low rates that are locked for 1 full year. No early termination fees, a FREE travel voucher for 2 nights of hotel stays in 27 locations. We give you the customer a chance to earn cruises, 6 night stays in places like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta or more…simply for paying your bill… you do that anyway..RIGHT??? The best is yet to come…. how many of your friends and family might like to save along with you… 1…2….5…..10……more… ? Well you can actually earn FREE generation on your bill … for most customers that would be a 60-65% savings off of your bill… not once… but EVERY SINGLE month !! Simply by referring friends and family. We are Ambit Energy… We are the fastest growing company in North America (INC Magazine named us #1 out of 500)
Take control of your finances and lower your bill now.. www.ez526.com

Opportunity or scam?

It’s a scam!!   It’s a pyramid !!    It’s going to collapse !!  You have to get in early to make any money!!  You will run out of people !!   I googled that company and it came up as a scam!!

All of these are things you hear anytime you decide to do a network marketing business.  Ironically what most people don’t even know… something they use EVERY single day… GOOGLE was built by network marketing.  Actually … so is FACEBOOK ….  so to those that say I could never do that……… you’re doing it !!

People get this funny look when you approach them about an opportunity.  Almost as if you asked them to give you their first born.  I personally have heard many excuses myself.  People who go into any business, no matter what type it is, are taking a risk.  A risk that you will lose your investment, that your friends will ignore you (are they really your friends if they won’t support you or help you?)  Would your friends eat at your new pizza place if you opened one?  Then why wouldn’t they support you in your new venture.  You risk the amount of time you put into your venture.

No matter if you open a Subway, a carpet cleaning service or a multi-level marketing business, its still YOUR business.  You are the one who puts in the time and the money.  In today’s economy, you are simply foolish if you feel that your J-O-B is going to be there for the next 40 years.  We are no longer the same world where you get a job and retire with it.  This is the reason why so many smart people are looking to build an additional income source.  The tax advantages alone are worth the small investment start up costs in most cases.  Most at home opportunities can be started for under $1000 and with minimal time invested.  The tax benefits allow you write off portions of bills you would normally pay (Please seek the advice of a tax professional for all the advantages).

Many years ago there were many millionaires created from a multi-level business called Excel Communications.  They capitalized from the deregulation of the telecom industry.  Another opportunity just like it is happening as you are reading this.  Energy Deregulation has started in a few states.  Let me preface this by stating the obvious… THIS WILL HAPPEN WITH OR WITHOUT YOU… You can sit by and watch as people make money.. you can sit by as your neighbors take control and shop for cheaper rates (much like your parents did in the telecom deregulation times) or you can continue to pay your incumbent provider their higher rates.  The government has given you a “golden egg”… a pass to shop for a better deal.  Most people still do not even know they have a choice.  A lot of people don’t want the change because they “just know” that when they change they are going to lose their power for days, weeks… forever !!  Not true…  NOTHING CHANGES !  No matter who you choose, its simply a computer switch.  You keep the same meter, lines, poles and same bill (just lower)

So the only thing you have to ask yourself WHY should I go with company A over company B?  How about you actually look at the facts,  Electricity is the same no matter where it comes from .. so compare apples to apples.  Who gives you the best rate?  Who offers you perks (gift cards, tickets, travel)?  Does anyone offer you Free Electricity?

One company offers you the lowest rates, free travel (cruises, flights, hotel stays and much much more) simply for paying your bill, and the best part… simply by sharing your savings with your neighbors and friends and family you can earn FREE energy… not one time  but each and EVERY single month for a one time referral.  You refer people every single day ..right?   You see a great movie, eat at a great place, got a great deal on a new shirt or shoes… why not refer your cheaper electricity?  All of this is just simply for becoming a customer!!  What do you get if you become a consultant?

In an economy where we all are looking for more.. its right here..right now !!  Ambit Energy is helping people to save and a few sharp people are earning an income.  Most start out part time and eventually replace their incomes.  New York, Texas, Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut are now in some form of deregulation and in the first 3 states 11 millionaires were created in the first 4 years of business.  The last 2 states have just opened up in the last few months.  We will be opening more states in the next year and more millionaires will be created in the process.  Even if your not one of them, you can profit from this opportunity.  The question is How much do you want to make?

Ask yourself 3 simple questions

Who do you know that uses electricity?

Who do you know that wants to pay less or even get it for free?

If you and I could partner with the fastest growing company in the US (according to INC magazine) and the largest energy provider in the world to help others save money on something we all use every single day… How much could we make together?

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