It’s yours for the taking….TAKE IT

Energy Deregulation is something that will happen in all 50 states and even Canada and Europe. Your Energy company is asking you to pick another provider. The government is telling them that they have to choose what portion of the billing they want to keep. They have chosen the most profitable portion of the bill…and they should. This has left the generation portion of your energy bill up for grabs. There are several companies vying for your business. Some will offer teaser rates (1 month or 2 month low rates). Some will offer solid rates and some will try to hide some things. We offer the BEST all around package. We offer low rates that are locked for 1 full year. No early termination fees, a FREE travel voucher for 2 nights of hotel stays in 27 locations. We give you the customer a chance to earn cruises, 6 night stays in places like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta or more…simply for paying your bill… you do that anyway..RIGHT??? The best is yet to come…. how many of your friends and family might like to save along with you… 1…2….5…..10……more… ? Well you can actually earn FREE generation on your bill … for most customers that would be a 60-65% savings off of your bill… not once… but EVERY SINGLE month !! Simply by referring friends and family. We are Ambit Energy… We are the fastest growing company in North America (INC Magazine named us #1 out of 500)
Take control of your finances and lower your bill now..


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